Geophysical Logging Services


Southern Resource Exploration Inc. provides borehole geophysical logging  to the groundwater industry throughout the Southeastern U.S. Established in 1980, we take pride in our ability to provide  dependable high quality logging  services. Southern Resource provides a full range of borehole geophysical services using the latest in fully digital geophysical logging technology. Our service area includes all of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and the Bahamas. 

 Quality, Dependable Logging Services Since 1980

Geophysical logging truck interior
geophysical logging of water well

Geophysical Logging types presently available include: (tools available)
  1. Single Point Resistance (5)
  2. Temperature and Differential Temperature (5)
  3. Dual Induction with Guard Resistivity (1)
  4. Long and Short Normal Resistivity (3)
  5. Fluid Resistivity (3)
  6. Lateral Resistivity (3)
  7. Flowmeter/Fluid Velocity (5)
  8. Borehole Compensated Full Wave Acoustic (1)
  9. Natural Gamma Ray (6)
  10. Cement Bond (1)
  11. Caliper Log to 60 inches Diameter (5)
  12. Spontaneous Potential (6)
  13. Discrete interval water sampling  (2)
  14. Slim hole Single Induction with Resistivity and SP (1)
In most cases we  carry backup tools and complete backup logging systems, should one tool or logging system fail.  Our job success rate excedes 99%.

Table of Geophysical Log Types and their potential applications

Geophysical Log Suite Floridan Aquifer Water Well:  Log  #1

Geophysical Logging of Screened Gravel Pack Well:  Log #2

Borehole Compensated Full Wave Acoustic Log of Highly Fractured Limestone Well:  Log  #3

Interaquifer Flow in Static Well: Log #4

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